AED Inspections

AED Inspection and Training Program

Craig County Rescue is proud to announce a new community service program designed to help businesses, churches, and other organizations ensure the safety and readiness of their Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). As part of our commitment to public health and safety, we are offering free AED inspections, training sessions, and monthly checklists to help you maintain your AEDs and be prepared for emergencies.

The Importance of Inspecting AEDs

AEDs are critical life-saving devices that can make a significant difference in the outcome of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) incidents. These portable devices are designed to quickly diagnose and treat life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias through defibrillation. However, to ensure their effectiveness, AEDs must be regularly inspected and maintained.

Why Regular AED Inspections Are Crucial:

Our AED Inspection and Training Program

To support our community, Craig County Rescue offers the following services free of charge:

Get Started Today

Don't wait until an emergency happens to find out that your AED isn't ready. Take advantage of our free AED Inspection and Training Program to protect your organization and the people you serve. To schedule an inspection or learn more about our program, please contact us by phone at 540-864-5115 or email us at

Together, we can make our community safer and more prepared for emergencies.

A copy of our AED monthly checklist is available here: